Children First Early Learning Center is founded and managed by Ms. Jeanette A. Freire and directed by Mrs. Jennifer A. Rodriguez. Ms. Jeanette and Mrs. Jennifer come from a family that successfully owned and operated childcare centers for over twenty years. Ms. Jeanette graduated from Montclair State University with a Masters Degree in Psychology, and she currently manages the patients at two counseling centers. Ms. Jeanette oversees the daily lesson plans at the Center, as well as the Head Teachers.

Jennifer Rodriguez – Director

Ms. Jeanette provides the Center with ongoing child development research and new learning techniques. Mrs. Jennifer A. Rodriguez is the Center’s director. Mrs. Jennifer directs all the daily operations of the Center. Our love for children and background in Psychology motivate us to pursue effective learning for our children. There is a higher level of expectancies in grade school that our children must meet, and we believe that proper early learning can give the children the tools and practice they need to succeed in grade school.

Jeanette Freire – Assistant Director

Ms. Jeanette and Mrs. Jennifer believe training the brain from infancy will create a love of learning in the children that will also give them the self-confidence needed to excel throughout their academic years.

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