Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide early learning for children ages infant to preschooler. At Children First, we believe that early learning is crucial for a child’s development and can shape the child’s social and emotional well-being in the future. We are not just an ordinary daycare center that babysits children while their parents are at work.

At Children First Learning Center, we focus on early learning and early childhood development that will prepare the children for an easy transition into Kindergarten. We have chosen an innovative curriculum to create an environment that helps young children develop better self-control, self-esteem, emotional awareness, basic problem-solving skills, social skills, and friendships.

Our daily lesson plans consist of activities that highlight reading, storytelling, puppetry, singing, drawing, and use of concepts in science and math. Our curriculum ensures readiness for school and academic success.

In addition, the Center focuses on helping children develop independence with a daily routine that focuses on basic self-help activities.

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